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It is very easy to get caught up in how busy our lives are and forget about how many people and animals out there are in need of help and lack even the basic essentials that we often take for granted. At emediaIT we balance work, play and the need to take responsibility for problems and issues around us. We believe in creating sustainable change and bringing hope to those who have little or none. The below highlights some of the work we do.

emediait animal welfare

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Ghandi.

We support the Animal Welfare PE as well as the other local animal shelters (AACL, Save-A-Pet etc). We donate a fixed amount to the AWS on a monthly basis and also provide additional help in the form of food, blankets and other needs as they come up. These organisations are overflowing with “unwanted” animals which have been found, abandoned or confiscated due to abuse. They need our help and if everyone donated a tiny amount each month it would make all the difference.

emediait animal welfare

Abantwana Abahle is the sister home of Sakhikaya Lethemba and also provides a safe home for children of various ages who have no one else. We have gotten to know some of the children at both homes during our visits and apart from the Christmas Parties, KFC lunches, sweet packets and DVDs, also spent a fun filled day turning a patch of grass into a teeming vegetable garden which will help provide both homes with additional food.

emediait hound dog glenn

Our relationship with Hound Dog Glenn started during his stay at the AWS which was originally meant to be a 10 day (turned into a 33 day) stay inside one of the kennels. He literally lived, ate and slept with the animals and then did the same in both Cape Town and Johannesburg shelters promoting awareness regarding the plight that these animals face. We assisted Glenn with clothes, web camera coverage, a netbook with 3G access, website and hosting. We are continuing to work with him as he pushes the boundaries to help animals in need.

emediait recycling

We are depleting all of our natural resources globally and that is a fact. We believe in being as green and in leaving as small a footprint on our environment as possible. We have partnered with Greencycle In terms of recycling collection and will also be implementing further energy and water saving measures soon.

emediait hound sakhikaya ethemba

Sakhikaya Lethemba is one of the homes for abandoned children in the nearby Walmer Location. It is one of two homes under the care of St Johns Anglican Church who provide a great deal of support and assistance. We have visited the homes twice now and thrown a Christmas Party for the children, helped fix their jungle gym, skateboards and donated a much needed microwave as well as stationery items for school.

emediait sinethemba

Sinethemba provides both day care and a permanent home for children in need. They are situated in a part of town where the children don’t really have anywhere else to go. We donated stationery and other school items needed followed by throwing a Christmas Party together with Santa handing out gifts and lunch for all. - emediaIT Online Shop - South Africa's best online store for Dell Hardware and Microsoft Software