emediait unified communications

emediait unified communications

In this day and age we use multiple devices for communication, ranging from our mobile phones to tablets, PCs as well as more traditional equipment such as analogue telephones and fax machines. There are also new methods and forms of communication which have become more popular than ever such as instant messaging and video conferencing. These are no longer nice to haves, but expected and needed in the modern work environment. We are also no longer tied into a single telecommunications company and there are significant reductions in costs that can be had by analysing your existing communications expenditure and making use of alternate service providers.

Call Rates (Via Connection Telecom - Read more here):


Our Rate (R)

Telkom rate (R)


On Network FREE N/A N/A
MTN 0.64 1.14 44%
Vodacom 0.64 1.14 44%
Cell C 0.70 1.14 39%
Telkom 8ta 0.75 1.14 34%
Telkom local and national 0.24 0.40 40%
United Kingdom 0.276 0.60 54%
United States

Billing is per second. There is no minimum connect charge. Call forwarding applies if your line is down.

Communication is all about breaking down barriers such as time and distance, thereby allowing people to communicate either in real time or near real time even when they are large distances apart. Unified Communications breaks down the barriers between different devices and methods of communication which in turn enables us to communicate with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Unified Communications provides a seamless flow between the work users do and the people they need to connect with to get that work done - leading to a significant increase in overall productivity. You save time and money by replacing separate e-mail, phone, audio and video conferencing, voice mail and instant messaging systems with an integrated platform.

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