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emediait Inter & Connectivity

Gone are the days of being able to work in relative isolation or on slow internet connections. Business is moving at close to the speed of thought and unless you have suitable internet access and connectivity you will simply be left behind. Enabling your business and your employees by providing them with high speed, reliable and controlled internet connectivity, both at the office and also on the road, is a must.

Clients’ requirements in terms of internet access and connectivity vary greatly and that is why we offer a variety of services including ADSL (Capped and Uncapped), VPN, 3G/HSDPA (Stand alone and also Failover) and wireless. We are also no longer tied into a single telecommunications company and there are significant reductions in costs that can be had by analysing your existing communications expenditure and making use of alternate service providers. By using a single service provider for your IT needs you ensure that they have a full understanding of your requirements and infrastructure.

We have partnered with and resell services from a number of tier-1 internet service providers and telecommunications companies such as MWEB, Telkom and Neotel to provide the best possible connectivity options. This gives us the flexibility to handle different types of requirements from our clients and ensure that their exact specifications are met.

We have service offerings which are suited for Home, Home Business as well as full Business use. These include Capped and Uncapped services as well as both contract and month to month based options where applicable. Static IPs are available on specific packages for reliable publishing of on-premise services. 3G/HSDPA can be used when there is no physical line or wireless coverage plus as failover for when your main line goes down, thereby ensuring business continuity. We are also able to provide on-premise and hosted management of your internet gateways to restrict and also report on usage - emediaIT Online Shop - South Africa's best online store for Dell Hardware and Microsoft Software