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emediait Hosting

As more and more gets pushed into the “cloud”, we are finding ourselves increasingly dependent on secure, fast and reliable hosting of our applications and services. emediaIT offers a range of Hosting services including Shared Hosting, Dedicated (Physical and Virtual) Hosting as well as hosted versions of many of the Microsoft Server products. In addition to our other software licensing services we can also provide SPLA licensing for hosted solutions. We have predefined packages, but can also cater for specific needs.

Hosting is handled through a combination of servers owned and managed by ourselves and those through our trusted partners such as Microsoft and MWEB. This gives us the flexibility to handle different types of requirements from our clients and ensure that their exact specifications are met. By using a single service provider for your IT needs you ensure that they have a full understanding of your requirements and infrastructure.

Windows Shared Hosting Packages*:


Disk Space**



50 MB

R 19


250 MB

R 29


1 000 MB

R 89


2 500 MB

R 199


5 000 MB

R 399


10 000 MB

R 599

*All prices include VAT. The above packages are all hosted within South Africa. Features for all packages include:

Unlimited Bandwidth/Traffic, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited POP3/SMTP/IMAP/FTP Accounts, Unlimited SQL Server/MySQL/Microsoft Access Databases, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filtering, Webmail, ASP/ASP.NET/PHP/Perl, Full Weekly Backups, .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.x/4.0, 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

**Disk space overages are charged at R 0,60 including VAT per MB. Individual email mailbox disk space size limits are implemented based on the overall hosting package size.

As mentioned above, other hosting packages are available on request. - emediaIT Online Shop - South Africa's best online store for Dell Hardware and Microsoft Software