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emediaIT - The Problem with Email

The Internet and networked computers have encouraged the widespread use of e-mail in order to conduct business. The uses of e-mail are vast and facilitate many business processes. However, control over the usage of e-mail remains an issue. In this regard, organisations have implemented e-mail policies which advise employees on how to e-mail in accordance with the organisation’s requirements. Some organisations have software products that enforce this policy to a certain degree.

Spam is also a continuing menace. Authentication appears to be the chosen weapon in the anti-spam munitions store as major organisations in the IT world have put forward similar proposals. Microsoft, AOL, Cisco, CipherTrust, Yahoo and Earthlink all believe this will cripple the foundation of the colossal menace that is Spam.

emediaIT - The ethicMail Solutionl

ethicMail allows users to take their existing e-mail policy and map it to a proposed Outbox Policy. This can be viewed as a logical subset of an organisation’s e-mail policy and represents the core aspects involving e-mail content.

The Outbox Policy represents the fundamental elements regarding criteria that govern the content of each individual e-mail leaving an organisation, determined by a policy directive. ethicMail ties in with many mainstream ideas regarding e-mail today, including Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Initiative, Yahoo’s DomainKeys specification, Cisco’s Identified Internet Mail, CipherTrust’s SMTPi, and outbound content filtering enforced by email policy directives. - emediaIT Online Shop - South Africa's best online store for Dell Hardware and Microsoft Software