emediait catalyst

emediait catalyst

Catalyst for VPM is a tool which allows the visualisation of strategy and complexity management concepts such as the VPM (View Point Model).

The application is for business management wanting to display an image of their perception of the business landscape in a measurable manner. The method supports business strategy formulation, where ‘educated business opinions’ require metrical clarity for business management. This multidimensional knowledge database allows for complex pattern recognition. It complements business intuition with a scientific approach between business management. The methodology results in business management raising crucial questions.

emediait catalyst 

In the understanding of any complexity, one must appreciate that there could be any number of relative viewpoints. Each viewpoint represents its own truth and each of these truths is equally valid. Consider the analogy of an object suspended within a closed box, in this case an electrical plug. On each side of the box there is a pinhole opening which provides only a single plane of view. An individual looking in from any side of the box would be unable to determine what the object is, being able to see only one side of the plug. However, six people simultaneously looking from all sides would be able to combine the multiple views to interpret what the object is. No individual view was more important than another, each contributed equally to the process.

The ViewPoint Model (VPM) is a dynamic modelling engine which graphically conveys data from several perspectives. This data, gained from highly specific questioning, appears visually in multiple dimensions, simultaneously presenting infinite variables for comparison. This comparison is unique because the VPM seeks to find solutions not from the answers themselves but rather where the answers lie in relation to each other. In this way, intangible concepts have a degree of measurability and comparability.

Examination of these multiple perspectives in relation to each other allows the user to better understand and identify underlying issues. Once this understanding has been achieved it becomes possible to channel individual thought and action in a direction which is collectively beneficial to the organisation. - emediaIT Online Shop - South Africa's best online store for Dell Hardware and Microsoft Software