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Mandela Day - Lukhanyo Day Care and Saving Puppies

July 23, 2014

Friday 18th of July was Mandela Day and emediaIT spent our 67 minutes and more on giving back to the 2 and 4-legged members of our local community.

We have worked with a number of organizations in the past in terms of corporate social responsibility and this initiative was organised through Glenda Brunette from the Walmer Angels Project. Walmer Angels facilitates the assistance of those less fortunate by putting them in contact with individuals and companies such as emediaIT who want to assist

Lukhanyo Day Care, also known as Creche 13, is in Airport Valley which is one of Walmer Township’s most impoverished areas. Basic access to facilities and services is non-existent yet the people who live here are expected to somehow make do. They care for close to 30 children aged between 6 months and 6 years old, who would most likely not have anywhere else to go. The building itself is a patchwork of materials and sadly a very dreary and plain place both inside and out.


The emediaIT team, including help from others mentioned below, took it upon ourselves to brighten up the building for the children as well as donate some much needed items to make their day to day lives a happier and more comfortable experience. The outside of the building was painted, swings were added and we donated various items including soccer balls, toys, educational items, food, toilet paper, pots, a kettle and mini-fridge, mattresses, tables and chairs and a medical kit. Each child also received small pack with sweets, cold drink and some cake to go with the lunch provided.

When we arrived at Lukhanyo Day Care we also were greeted by the incredibly forlorn sound of puppies crying from the adjacent property. We were shocked to find 7 puppies out in the open trying to feed off their mother in what has been a very cold winter by Port Elizabeth’s standards. We collected the puppies after the mother had disappeared and contacted the Animal Welfare Society Port Elizabeth who immediately assisted by coming to get them. The hunt was then on for the mother who we found a bit later and was then reunited with her puppies. All, but one of the puppies who sadly did not make it, are currently being treated at the AWS PE and will be available for adoption in due course. We hope that good homes can be found for all of them and additional costs involved will be covered by emediaIT. The saddest part about saving these dogs however was leaving behind the other hundreds (Including the one shown below sitting alone who just wanted love and tried to come home with us) that are neglected, abused and allowed to breed in the Walmer Location and many other areas in South Africa.


The look on the children’s faces when playing on their new swings, kicking the soccer balls, the joy of chasing bubbles and also the opportunity to give the mother and puppies found a chance at life alone made the day a success. We all need to be doing more for our community and not just on Mandela Day.


​Special thanks also goes out to the following who assisted with items for the day: Dr. T. (Lucky) Govender, Neeta Muthayan, Desmond Westenberg, Joyce Kaka and Factory Direct Beds. - emediaIT Online Shop - South Africa's best online store for Dell Hardware and Microsoft Software